More about communities

Our Missional Communities are open for anyone to join – whether you know Jesus, or are interested in finding out about him. They are a different way of “doing church” from our usual Sunday gatherings, which we hope and pray is both easier for friends and others to connect into and also beneficial for long-time members. Missional Communities gather around a place or network where we might be able to connect with the people of our city.

When do they meet?

We encourage Missional Communities to meet on the fourth Sunday of each month when we don’t have a full church gathering. They might also meet at other times during the month. The leaders of each community will let you know when they are meeting.

Which one is for me?

Ask yourself: how does God enable me already to bless people who don’t know him? Where do I most easily connect with those who don’t know Jesus? These questions will help you think about which communities might be the best fit for you.

Dive in

Go and visit a couple of Missional Communities. Meet people, see what they do. No one will be offended if you go and try out their Missional Community but decide it’s not quite for you.

Would you like more help choosing a Missional Community? We’d be delighted to introduce you.