Crossroads Community Hub

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have experienced fear and anxiety, isolation and loneliness, illness and grief. There have been job losses, business closures, and work has dried up for the self employed. Both emotionally and financially people have been pushed to the very edge. Our vision is to bring some relief to these pressures. Specifically, we wish to help those in the Chester community who are experiencing food poverty. We will provide food to feed their bodies and a community connection to fill their hearts with hope. We do this in partnership with others in a spirit of goodwill, cooperation and trust.

Our Partnership is made up of organisations drawn from the voluntary and community sector in Chester with a common interest in addressing food hunger.

Over the past 20 months we have providing emergency food to around 100 families each month, this is a total of 2000 parcels supporting 4000 families and individuals.

Crossroads Community Hub and Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) are now working together to run the Greenway Grocer, providing an opportunity for everyone to easily access affordable fruit and vegetables.