Who Let The Dads Out

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Who Let the Dads Out is a national initiative to give dads, father figures and their children the opportunity to spend time together, have fun and engage with the church, and is part of Care for the Family, a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those who face family difficulties.

Started by HBC in 2003 when Mark and Su Chester came up with the idea of running a monthly Parents and Toddlers Group for dads and male carers with their preschool children on Saturday mornings, the Who let The Dads Out? initiative soon caught the imagination of other churches who heard about it. In 2008 a National Leadership team was set up to resource the development of groups across the UK and Dirk Uitterdijk worked a day a week as the National Development Officer. After prayerful discussions, HBC passed organization of the project to The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) in February 2012. Then in October 2018 the project moved again and was integrated into Care for the Family. HBC is still at the heart of the project as Tony Sharp and Mark Chester both work part-time for Care for the Family with a focus on supporting fathers and continuing to promote ideas and resources under the Who Let The Dads Out? project.