Zimbabwe and Zambia, Church Leaders Support


Our serving in Africa focusses on Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. These relationships started in the early 1980’s and have broadened over the years.

In 1998 Lifelink Global started to run regular Leadership Conferences and Leadership Training events in Zimbabwe & Zambia. The Leadership Training developed quickly to become Hope College and offers applied biblical courses to Church Leaders who have little or no formal training and to those receiving a call to church leadership.

The Church Leaders Conferences continue to be popular and are attended by 80 to 100 leaders from Zambia and Zimbabwe as well as a small number of leaders from Malawi.

We also have two sets of relationships in South Africa: one in Cape Town and the other in Durban.
Our role is to befriend, support, advise, serve and partner with the Ephesian 4 Team of Ministries and the Churches associated with them. This is achieved by visits and regular contact through online channels such as WhatsApp, email and FaceTime. We also do our best to help them complete the projects the Lord has given them to undertake.