World Focus

We are privileged at Hoole Baptist Church to have a number of people called to serve God in other parts of the world and working here in the UK to facilitate cross cultural mission. In partnership with other agencies we seek send, support and equip those who are being called in this way. This is a core ministry of HBC and is right at the heart of our vision:

‘Bringing healing, wholeness and freedom to broken lives & communities as we expect great things from God and attempt great things with God.’

World Focus is the name given to our, prayer meeting for those we send and for the wider world. We meet on the evening of the second Monday of each month. It is also the name for our efforts to promote this work among our members, disciple those who are called to go, and our efforts to ensure that those we send are fruitful in their ministry and fulfilled in their walk with Jesus.

For more information please contact the Church Office