Hungarian team leading worship

New Hope Baptist Church

HBC has partnered with New Hope Baptist Church since 2007. Sandor Toth, the Pastor of New Hope, has preached at HBC on several occasions and Andy Glover has preached at New Hope during visits to Debrecen. Several members of HBC have been part of teams visiting Debrecen or have hosted Hungarians in their homes and maintained their friendships via Facebook and e-mail.

Here is a video they produced on youtube with an English Introduction to the church

Paul Wilcox

Paul Wilcox is supporting the ministry of Pinter Kornel and Pinterne Somogyi Szilvi amongst gypsy people in Hungary. They shepherd the gypsy church which meets in their home, and the church in Abony. Paul meets regularly online with Kori, Moira, and Zsusi for encouragement in following Jesus.