Homeschooling during Covid-19

There is a lot of information on here, and while we will do our best to keep it updated, don’t get overwhelmed by all of the resources listed below. Start small, don’t try to do everything like they do at school right from the beginning. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, pull back and slow down! The most important thing you have to offer them at this time is you being with them, everything else is a bonus. You are not failing your children, and they won’t be behind when school resumes. While this time is overwhelming and scary for many of us, we have a chance to trust Jesus with our fears, let him hold them, and make this a special time with our families that will make our relationship with them closer and more special than it was before!


  • Children thrive on schedules and instruction, while having a schedule takes time to develop, it will ultimately help your kids know what to expect each day. When kids know what is expected of them they are more willing to press in and do work knowing that free time is coming. Customise these schedules to meet your families needs.
  • You aren’t doing anything wrong if you finish early.
  • For parents with more than one child, try and spend focused time with each but then try and create activities that they can all join in.
  • Embrace quiet moments and don’t fear boredom; boredom is good for fostering creativity and independence.
  • If it’s just not working today, don’t get frustrated. Grab a snack and read a wonderful book together or play in the garden, do something fun and interactive as a family! Expect bad days to come and have grace for that. Focus on making sure your child feels heard, understood, loved, and cared for.
  • Interruptions can be places and times for the really beautiful things to happen, so welcome this interruption and expect God to meet you and your kids in it.
  • Have lots of grace for yourself, you’re new to this and nobody is expecting you to teach your kids like their teachers do!
  • For working parents, try to set aside time to be with kids, and then do creative time/screen time while you get your work done.
  • Use technology to keep up relationships and to talk with other parents. You could have a relative or friend read or tell a story to your kids over FaceTime or Zoom!
  • You are not alone. We are here for you, if you have questions, just reach out and we will do our best to help resource you.

Where to start:

  • Seek clear direction from their school (this may be on their website or given out on their last day).
  • Build a schedule that’s workable for your family.
  • Have strict bedtime and wake up times, just like your normal school routine.
  • Start each day with quiet time and Jesus.
  • Children have the most capacity and focus earlier in the day so you could start the day with the more academic subjects (maths, writing, spelling). This will probably mirror a typical school day for them.


Early Years

Have a look at the HETTY website and YouTube channel for resources/ideas

Key Stage One

Key Stage Two

Key Stage Three