Missional Shaped Living

The Missional Shaped Living Course will build on and develop the Prayer Course.

For this course there is a participant’s book. Please see the Thursday email for information on how to get your book.

Week    Date                                                   Theme                                Luke 20 Verses

1             Wednesday 16 September             Being Sent                          v1-20

2             Wednesday 30 September            Confidence                        v2-3

3             Wednesday 7 October                   Courage                              v2-3

4             Wednesday 21 October                Compassion                       v8-9

5             Wednesday 4 November              Connecting                        v5-6

6             Wednesday 18 November            Continuing                         v7

7             Wednesday 2 December               Conversion                         v9

8             Wednesday 16 December             Mission Shaped Living     

Purpose of the MSL course is for us to grow closer to God and each other enabling us to share the good news more effectively as we ‘Love, Trust and Follow Jesus’. Each week there is a Up In and Out aspect to what we will be doing.

In between each zoom call Wednesday, we will ask you to complete the relevant chapter in the participant’s guide and we will post our very own video series on YouTube ‘Glover’s and Guests’ for you to watch. We will be interviewing members of HBC each week, bringing some teaching, and introducing the theme.

Some aspects of this course participants booklet are designed and helpful for you to do in pairs so we would encourage you to try to follow up our videos by doing do this with a family member, a friend, or a Missional Community member. There is also opportunity to journal and do some personal reflection with activation exercises. Fortnightly on zoom we will follow up teaching from the HBC video series and also the relevant participant’s exercise from the booklet. The zoom calls will follow a similar format as the prayer course and there will be breakout rooms organised in Missional Community groups as before.  

The first HBC video will be up online by 12th Sept and will last 15-20 minutes. Content will include:

  • Introduction to course Sue G.
  • Interview Sam Knott
  • Teaching Andy
  • Breathe prayer



This was posted on 23 October 2020.