Sam Knott

Sam Knott  is our newest member of the the leadership team; he was elected to serve on this team at the TCM in June 2014.

Sam is husband to a fantastic wife named Katie, father to a beautiful little boy named Caleb who is 3 years old and a gorgeous baby daughter named Emily and Son to a loving and graceful God.

Sam grew up in Seattle USA before returning to York, England as a teenager. He later graduated in Sports and Exercise Sciences from Chester University where he met Katie, whom he married in 2010.

Before having Caleb in October 2013, Sam and Katie had worked in Greece at a Christian sailsports centre, and in Australia as Outdoor Christian Youth workers.

Having returned to Chester and HBC in 2012, they had a real calling from God to focus 100% on following him and making disciples for Jesus. The last two years have been challenging and amazing, as they have been learning how to place their identity fully in God and watch him provide.

Sam is passionate to see people made free through an understanding of who they are in Christ and to see others empowered through an understanding of what it means to fully serve God.