Key people

Andy and Sue Glover

Andy is the Team Leader and Sue oversees Prayer, Prophetic and Creative areas

Ed Green

Ed has been Associate Leader of HBC since 2013 after being on placement from Bible College.

Rachel Sims

Rachel has been the Youth Worker at HBC since 2010 and is also wife to…

Andrew Elphinston

Andrew is married to Su and has lived in Hoole since 2000. He has served on the leadership team since 2009.

Paul Stevens

Paul has been an associate leader of HBC Chester since January 2019.  Paul is employed…

Ruth Ludgate

Part of the Leadership Team; also Church Secretary/Administrator overseeing policies, procedures, membership, buildings and office.

Sam Knott

Sam is the newest member of the leadership team.

Hazel Gilbert

Hazel is Andy’s PA and Office Manager, and also works for Link Up and Fresh Streams.

Andy Avery

A 10-year-old trapped in an older body, Andy is the Children’s and Youth Community Worker

Fran Ralph

Fran joined the team in October 2015 and works on a part-time basis as an…

Anna Briggs

Anna is originally from Australia and has been based in Chester since 2018 when she…

Jo Hewlett

Jo grew up on the Wirral then went to university in Lancaster. She moved to…