Discipleship Culture

At the heart of our  journey with God into developing a Discipleship Culture are these 2 main themes that run right through the scriptures, these are Covenant and Kingdom.

Covenant is the theme in scripture that expresses God’s desire to call us into deep and loving relationship with Him and to partner with Him in transforming our society as we ourselves are transformed.

Kingdom is the rule and reign of God in His people, and increasingly in this world. We partner with Him to further His Kingdom in words, works and wonders as we overflow His great “power that is at work within us” (Eph 3:20) into the world around.

For the past 3 years we have been exploring what it would look like for HBC to be a church that has as its primary aim the command of Jesus to make disciples who make disciples….

This focus on discipleship – learning to live like Jesus –  has taken us on an exciting adventure of re-examining what we are exactly about as a church.  Being a disciple of Jesus is the most rewarding, exhilarating and joyful adventure in the world and our hope is that as we develop our language and vehicles as churches it will help us draw close to God in a deeper and fuller way.

Our hope is that all we provide in terms of equipping and empowering will excite and encourage us to make more radical disciples of Jesus; those who know that they are called and equipped to change many lives. God is raising up whole communities that carry the DNA of His Kingdom in a way that transforms
culture wherever they go. Making disciples is where the action is!

Lets go for it!

We have a dream; this dream is to see HBC Chester as a church that is seriously good at making disciples. We see us praying for a harvest. We see us committed to reaching our city and not just Hoole with the good news. We see us serving and seeking the lost together in all kinds of imaginative ways as we see “heaven invading earth”! Our hope is to develop a network of Missional Communities across Chester, a movement of disciple-makers committed to: ‘Bringing healing, wholeness and freedom to broken lives and communities as we expect great things from God and attempt great things with God.

Here are a number of documents to help you understand more about the journey we are on:

The dream for 2017

Understanding the Language of Discipleship

Missional Communities – Information

Launching Missional Communities

Here are are a  couple of videos too…

Learning Circle from Flood church https://vimeo.com/101761387

Up, In and Out From Summit church https://vimeo.com/89335024