Life Support Team

‘I have come so they can have life and have it to the full’
John 10:10

Andy and Sue Glover, Andrew and Su Elphinston, Fran Bird, John and Moira Whiteley, Sue Rosseter, and Suzanne Cromwell have all agreed to be on this team.

Our vision

To effectively pastor the congregation at HBC in order that each individual becomes a fully mature disciple, knowing the love of the Father, for themselves, for others and for the lost.

We want each member to be a fully functioning disciple engaged in Kingdom work. Everyone a minister and everyone a missionary.

Our role as a team

To oversee the area of ministry that we used to call Pastoral Care but we now know as Life Support.

As a team we will supplement and enhance the enabling, care and equipping given within the Life Groups. These named individuals are identified as being on the team and as such will be “go to“ people. This will ensure that those receiving support from them understand the boundaries, and that it is on behalf of the church.

As a team we will in particular work very closely with the HBC Leadership Team and the Life Group Leaders. They will meet once a month for the next 6 months and then we shall review where we are up to.

The role of Life Support Team is one that suggests there is a position held, function to be carried out and responsibility to be undertaken. Viewed as a role and in this way care in particular, can be seen as something some appointed people do as part of their gifting and calling, which is in itself a good thing. However, there are some problems with adopting this view alone. Firstly, the role can indicate “pastoral care” is exclusive to those appointed to it. Secondly, and following on, it can diminish the responsibility of us all to care for one and other and thirdly, it can carry the danger of specialising “pastoral care” rather than embracing it as a way of being in relationship with one and other with the end of making disciples.

As we have considered the role of the Life Support Team at HBC we are seeking to identify who to involve by considering the ALL, SOME, FEW model within the context of Organic and Organised. In this way the work of equipping, caring and enabling becomes inclusive and the responsibility of everyone, whilst acknowledging there are clearly some who have been gifted to dedicate their time, skills, qualities and talents to the field and a minority whom God calls to leadership.

So the challenge is to ensure:

  • ALL of church are encouraged to ‘love one another’, expressed by care and support through role modelling, preaching and teaching so we all develop into mature disciples of Jesus Christ John 13 34, 35; Acts 2: 42 to 45
  • SOME who are definitely “pastorally” gifted are discerned, nurtured, trained, developed and released into their ministry e.g. Life Group Leaders, “resource people”
  • A FEW spirit filled, wise leaders of “Life Support” are discerned and appointed who can serve the ALL and the SOME (Luke 22:26-27)